Store release simulation for Saab Gripen using STARCS two-sting rig.
STARCS has, through its FFA heritage, a long and varied experience in aeronautics, especially aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing. Other aerodynamic activities are described under STARCS two other main business areas; Space and Energy.


Wind tunnel testing
  • Wind tunnel testing of aircraft, UAVs and missiles at Mach numbers from zero to 7.15
  • Air intake testing with active suction and flow measurement in T1500 and LT1
  • Force measurement with a large variety of balances designed, calibrated and built in-house
  • Half model testing
  • Captive trajectory testing
  • Jet simulations with air
  • Testing of dynamic derivatives in several of our wind tunnels
  • Pressure measurements with pressure sensors, pressure modules, or pressure sensitive paint, PSP
  • Visualization with smoke, oil flow, tufts, china clay, sublimating chemicals etc
  • Particle Image Velocimetry, PIV
General aerodynamics studies 
  • Conceptual configuration designs and studies
  • Aircraft crash investigation support
  • Design of internal flow systems such as wind tunnels, ejectors etc
  • Aerodynamic calculations with panel- and handbook methods
  • CFD
  • Flight vehicle performance calculations

Track Record

Wind tunnel testing started during the second world war with the J-22 fighter. It has been going strong with all Swedish aircraft projects since then. Also a number of missiles, UAVs and other objects have been tested. STARCS has a wide knowledge and experience.
We can handle small tests or consulting jobs as well as complete packages such as; wind tunnel model design and manufacture, test planning, wind tunnel testing and analysis and reporting of the results.
Wind tunnel tests include:
  • J-22, J-29 Tunnan, J-32 Lansen, J-35 Draken, SK-60, AJ/JA-37 Viggen
  • JAS-39 Gripen, general aerodynamics testing, air intake testing, high angle of attack testing, dynamic derivatives testing, dynamic control effectiveness testing and store separation testing. 
  • SAAB-Fairchild 340 commuter aircraft, half model with powered propeller
  • SAAB 2000 commuter aircraft
  • Several UAV concepts, mainly stealthy
  • A large variety of missiles
  • Parachutes
  • Light aircraft


STARCS adapts to the needs of the customer. Focus is on solving the problem rather than the task. Please, fill in the form below and we will contact you for further discussion to find a solution to your particular problem.



Related topics

Inlet Aerodynamics

STARCS has a unique capacity of high flow rate air suction which can be used for simulation of air inlet specific phenomena.

Store Release Simulation

An additional highly agile motorized arm attached to the ordinary model sting pod, allow for sophisticated store release simulation.

T1500 - Transonic Wind Tunnel

T1500 is suited for transonic testing of air- and spacecraft at speeds up to Mach 1.7.
LT1 - Low Speed Wind Tunnel
STARCS low speed wind tunnel is a multipurpose aerodynamic wind tunnel, capable of testing not only all sorts of aircraft models but also almost any type of transportation, large buildings and wind turbines.