LT1 - STARCS Low Speed Wind Tunnel 

LT1 is used for all kinds of testing; from simple tests of antennas to advanced tests of dynamic derivatives on fighter aircraft. The LT1 is a closed circuit, closed test section low speed wind tunnel. It is fairly large, Ø 3.6 m, and suitable for aero­nautical and general industrial testing. There are two interchangeable test sections so one test can be prepared or parked while another test is being run. Models can be mounted on a sting or strut or on a strut on a ground plane. The most common type of testing is sweeps in angle of attack or yaw angle. Step and pause, speed ramps etc are also possible. Several rigs for dynamic testing exist. They can be used both with harmonic oscillations and ramps. There are a large number of internal balances available. There is also an external balance that is especially suitable for non-aeronautical test objects. Measurements from balances, pressure blocks and other transducers can be viewed in real time before further analysis. Data formats can be specified by the customer. The STARCS Wind Tunnel LT1 was operational in 1941. The tunnel and its equipment have then been continuously updated as it has been used for Swedish military aircraft from B17 to JAS39 Gripen.
Testing performed in LT1
  • Transportation
    • Aircraft and helicopters
      • Scale models
      • Half models
      • Air inlet testing
      • Flutter
    • Automotive:
      • Up to half scale car models
      • Up to 30% scale truck and trailer models
    • Trains
    • Ships
    • High speed boats
  • Large buildings
  • Antennas and parabolas
  • Wind turbine profiles
  • Wind tunnel correction methods 
Tunnel Data
  • Test section:Ø 3.6 m x 8 m
  • Max speed: 80 m/s 
  • Reynolds number (based on  0.1·(cross section)1/2): Up to 1.7 million/m
Rigs for Aeronautical Testing
  • Standard sting-frame mounting: -20° > α > 30°, -25° > b > 25°
  • Strut mount on ground plane: -15° < α < 30°, -180° > b > 180°  
  • Dynamic pitch rig: -2° < α < 90°, -30° < b < 30°
  • Dynamic yaw rig: -20° < α < 42°, -35° < b < 35°

Main Features

LT1 is a highly flexible multi-purpose low speed wind tunnel. Two interchangeable test sections allows high production rate or the possibility of open test section. The combination of tunnel dimensions, fan power and flexible model setup makes it possible to test almost any object subject to subsonic speeds.

Related Information

Inlet Aerodynamics

STARCS has a unique capacity of high flow rate air suction which can be used for simulation of air inlet specific phenomena.

Motorized Sting Arm 

An additional highly agile motorized arm attached to the ordinary model sting pod, allow for sophisticated store release simulation or highly accurate probe traversing.

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