LT5 - STARCS Small Low Speed Wind Tunnel

The LT5 is a small subsonic wind tunnel ideal for specialized laboratory testing like testing of seeding and calibration of sensors and wind speed meters for the wind power industry. It is also suitable for parametric studies of 2D-profiles and evaluation of boundary layer control techniques by generic testing on flat plates for example. The wind tunnel is equipped with two interchangeable test sections suitable for different purposes. Recently, another special small test section for M = 0.5+ was also built for a specific test.
Testing performed in LT5
  • Sensor calibration
  • Snow deposition or soiling
    • Buildings
    • Complete landscapes
  • Wind tunnel correction methods
  • Slotted and perforated wall optimisation
Tunnel Data
  • Small test section:
    • Height: 0.3 m
    • Width: 0.4 m
    • Length: 1.0 m 
    • Cross sectional area: 0.12 m2
    • Wind speed: 0-82 m/s
    • Reynolds number: Up to 0.2 million (based on chord = 0.1(C)0.5 )
  • Large test section:
    • Height: 0.675 m
    • Width: 0.9 m
    • Length: 2.5 m
    • Cross sectional area: 0.61 m2
    • Wind speed: 0-16 m/s
    • Reynolds number: Up to 0.09 million (based on chord = 0.1(C)0.5 ) 


Main Features

LT5 is a small low speed wind tunnel mainly focused on laboratory work but many commercial projects has also been studied. Typical applications are boundary layer research, aeroelasticity problems and sensor development and calibration.

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