Quality Policy

Saab 340 during wind tunnel testing in STARCS T1500 wind tunnel.
Quality Policy
We are always focusing on our customers’ requirements and tailor our services to their individual needs.
In addition to the direct consultancy support indirect our clients are given full access to our company’s key skills, creativity and unique business network.
STARCS´s quality policy ensures high technical quality and high efficiency in the execution of projects. Our Quality Management System is in compliance with SS-EN ISO 9001.
The delivery of our services is to be carried out in a safe and secure manner in a long-term perspective our services are to be delivered in line with the environmental goals of the community.


STARCS adapts to the needs of the customer. Focus is on solving the problem rather than the task. Please, fill in the form below and we will contact you for further discussion to find a solution to your particular problem.



Related topics

Inlet Aerodynamics

STARCS has a unique capacity of high flow rate air suction which can be used for simulation of air inlet specific phenomena.

Store Release Simulation

An additional highly agile motorized arm attached to the ordinary model sting pod, allow for sophisticated store release simulation.

T1500 - Transonic Wind Tunnel

T1500 is suited for transonic testing of air- and spacecraft at speeds up to Mach 1.7.
LT1 - Low Speed Wind Tunnel
STARCS low speed wind tunnel is a multipurpose aerodynamic wind tunnel, capable of testing not only all sorts of aircraft models but also almost any type of transportation, large buildings and wind turbines.