TVM500 - STARCS Tri-Sonic Wind Tunnel 

STARCS TVM500 is a tri-sonic wind tunnel with an exceptional Mach number range. Wind speed can be varied from Mach 0.5 and continuously up to Mach 3.7. Combined with the capability of pressurization up to 1000 kPa, this makes the wind tunnel particularly   suitable for testing of objects of moderate full scale size. For example missiles can mostly be tested at flight Reynolds number. Still, the model sizes are big enough to easily reproduce sufficient level of detail.
Testing performed in TVM500
  • Missiles
  • Artillery shells
  • Half models
  • Flutter
  • Wind tunnel correction methods
  • Slotted and perforated wall optimisation
  • Calibration of probes 

Technical Specification

The TVM500 facility is an intermittent blow down tri-sonic wind tunnel. The tunnel operates by allowing air from a high pressure storage to expand through a convergent-divergent nozzle into the test section and then out to the atmosphere passing through a diffuser and a silencer. The Mach number can be varied continuously. This is accomplished in the transonic test section, 0.5 < M <1.2, by a choke mechanism and plenum suction using an ejector. In the supersonic test section the Mach number is varied by a semi-flexible wall nozzle operated by a single screw mechanism. The data acquisition system is based on COTS PC's with National Instrument modular hardware for data acquisition and control. Data acquisition and reduction software are based on Labview and Matlab and can easily be adapted to test specific demands. Data can be presented and delivered in any customer specified format. Unsteady signals up to 100 kHz can be measured simultaneously and continuously. The tunnel is equipped with a Z-type Schlieren optical system. A large selection of in-house designed and manufactured balances are available for customer models.
Tunnel Data
  • Test section: 0.5m * 0.5m.
  • Mach number range: M = 0.5 - 3.7 continuously variable. 
  • Reynolds number: Up to 90 million/m.
  • Stagnation pressure range: 110 to 1000 kPa.
  • Run time: from 10 to 90 seconds depending on the combination of Mach number and stagnation pressure.


Main Features

TVM500 is a tri-sonic wind tunnel spanning a very wide range of Mach numbers from 0.5 - 3.7. TVM500 is particularly suitable for testing objects like for example missiles and artillery shells.

Related Information

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